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International ProArte Prize 2012 - Final Ceremony in Italy - Rome, Thursday, November 22 - 15:00 PM

International ProArte Prize: the first international competition for young cultural operators.

Fifht Edition of International ProArte Prize

Final Ceremony in Italy will take place in Rome on Thursday, Nov. 22, starting at 15:00 PM (Italy time)

ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) - Via dei Prefetti, n. 46

Conference Room - First Floor

On Thursday Nov. 22th, 2012 - 15.00 PM (italian time) the event will broadcast ?live? on USTREAM (ANCI channel)

In this particular historical and economic moment the ProArte Prize Committee has dedicated the international session to Greece, in order to support those who represent the future of the country.

The selections of the project ideas of the greek youths were made in Greece in collaboration with the Hellenic National Youth Council and the dedicated Final Ceremony for the Greek Youths will be held at the Italian Embassy in Athens, during the last week of January 2013.

International ProArte Prize is dedicated to the project ideas of youths in the Culture related to tourism to develop the cultural industry and to create new job opportunities for youths.

The theme of the fifth edition of the project ideas of the young, between 18 and 25 is: 'Intangible Cultural Heritage, old traditions and new responsibilities for Youths in the Cultural Industry for the Economy development '.

The 2012 edition is realized with the adhesion of the President of the Italian Republic "Giorgio Napolitano" and under the patronage of the Regional Center for the Safeguarding of Intangible Heritage in the South-Eastern Europe under the auspices of UNESCO.

The President of the Republic of Italy has dedicated a Special Medal to the Winning Project Idea of Greece: the official letter will be read during the ceremony.

The international session dedicated to the greek youths is realized under the patronage of the Embassy of Republic of Greece in Rome:áthe message of His Excellency Michael Cambanisá- Ambassador of the Republic of Greece in Rome will be read during the ceremony.

Participants at the final ceremony in Italy:

Members of ProArte International Prize Committee

Anita Baldi - President - AIG (Italian Youth Hostel Association)

Carmelo Lentino - National Councillor (Culture, Tourism, Territory) - National Youth Forum - Italy

Paolo Avezz¨ - National Councillor - National Association of Italian Municipalities

Biagio Russo - President - Pro Arte International Ethic Network

Sebastiana Andolina - Head of Office for Youth Exchanges "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" - Republic of Italy

Evangelos Mavridis - Secretary-General - Hellenic National Youth Council will participate by skype conference call to present the selected Winning Greek Project Idea.

Speeches of the winners of italian session (in person and by skype conference call)

Speech of Kostis Simitsis - Mayor - Municipality of Kavala - winner of greek session (by skype conference call)

Italian session awards

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