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ProArte International Prize 2013 - The international session is dedicated to the "Young People" of USA


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ProArte International Prize is a reward for young people with intention to develop new activities and jobs in Culture connected to Tourism and Economy development.

The main objective of the Prize is to involve the young people like protagonists of their future to support the development of the local, national and international economy.

ProArte International Prize wants to award and support, especially, the project ideas that included innovation, web relevance, interaction with other countries.

ProArte International Prize is dedicated to young people (age 18/35) who have simple project ideas for the sectors related to the Culture connected to Tourism for the promotion of the tangible, intangible cultural heritage and traditions of their Countries to rediscover and to know their origins like an opportunity to develop their future starting by the past.

The competition is addressed to young people that want to develop project ideas.

Youths (Students, Artists, etc.) characterized with project ideas concerning the theme of the edition are allowed to participate to International ProArte Prize 2013.

The selection concerning the USA includes some operative phases realized through the support of the local partners and the Promoting Committee coordination.

The project ideas must be focused on the theme of the 2013 edition: "Culture: a bridge to get to know, to relate, to develop research and innovation interacting in innovative ways to create new jobs for young people and to encourage the economy development through the "Industry of Culture".

The selected winners will have the opportunity to present and to explain their project ideas to experts during the final events: the italians in Rome (on Thursday September 05th, 2013) and the americans in New York (on Monday October 14th, 2013).

The selected winners will meet experts and consultants to choose the best solutions for the project ideas development, included private and public supports. They will meet public administrators and businessmen too and, during this meetings, they will receive informations, support and assistance absolutely for free.

The project ideas could be developed in collaboration with: organizations, associations, schools, universities, companies, public and private bodies, institutions without distinction of nationality.

The experts of the Pro Arte International Ethic Network, member of the Promoting Committee, will offer to the winners all services for free, like a guide to walk togheter "hand by hand" in their project ideas development.

The deadline to present the proposals for new ideas of the youths of USA is Sunday September 01st, 2013.

The deadline to present the project ideas of the youths of ITALY is Saturday August 10th, 2013 

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